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Lawn Mower

Weekly Mowing

Enjoy this summer without having to worry about your lawn!



Grass to be mowed every week weather permitting, we do skip the occasional week for dry spells to avoid burning out the lawn.  Our services run from beginning to May to end of September.


Our weekly mowing service includes trimming around all edges of your property.


Blowing off any grass clippings on walkway/ driveway surfaces

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Weekly Mowing Program

Our mowing program starts as soon as we are finished spring clean ups.  This fluctuates from year to year as it all depends on the weather.  Normally it starts within the first couple weeks of May and runs all the way until the end of September for full season coverage.

For our mowing program we only bill for the visits we made to cut the lawn.  This varies from property to property depending on watering and overall health but if there is a draught in the summer we do allow to skip maximum of 2 cuts for no growth due to the heat and avoid burning out.  

The height we cut at depends on the weather and customer preference, we do not cut below 3" as it could damage the lawn if not maintained property and watered correctly.  For the warmer months we prefer to cut at 4-4.5" to encourage grass growth to suppress weeds and reducing the chance of the lawn drying out.  When cut at a longer height it also requires less water.

Even though our programs run until the end of September we also provide final grass cuts in October during fall clean ups if requested or even before that if the lawn is continuing to grow.  After September it is upon your request to have us continue to mow the lawn.

If there is anything we missed or have questions about our service please contact us either by the book now button above or call / text us at (204) 771-6176.

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