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Spring Clean Up

The key to prepping your yard for green summer and a healthy lawn.


Power raking

This service is a machine that has metal tines that dig below the lawn surface to scrape and remove thatch & dead grass that is slightly below the surface of your lawn.  Cleaning this out ensures that your lawn won't be choked out and ensures that it can absorb water, fertilizer, sunlight and other nutrients. 

Top Dressing

A thin layer of compost spread throughout your lawn to improve your lawns pH level, helps with drainage and adding nutrients to your lawn.


Aerating your lawn is different then power raking and can be paired together to reduce compaction in your lawn and create holes deeper into your lawn for stronger grass roots to form.

Flower beds

During our spring clean ups flower beds are cleaned out and cleared of any leaves or debris, and also as an extra service trimming back perennials can be added on.

Lawn Repair

Top soil and seed/ sod to help fix any damage from winter or low spots around your property.

Debris Removal

For all our spring clean ups we remove all the dead grass/ leaves off-site to avoid leaving you with bags behind at the end of your property.

Before & After

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

✓ Power Raked

✓ Lawn Repair

✓ Weed Spray & Fertilization

✓ Frequent Watering

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