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Weed Spray & Fertilization

Where a healthy, beautiful lawn is created.


Weed Spray

Our weed control & fertilizer are eco-friendly & pet friendly.  Normally takes 2-3 applications to allow the weed killer to start working and killing off weeds.  Like everything else that is just the minimum, the more applications performed the better results.  We offer up to 6 applications to give you coverage all season long.


We use a granular fertilizer based on the time of year, we have spring, summer and fall fertilizers that slow release giving you the most coverage based on your package keeping your lawn green.


It is ok to enter the sprayed area once dry, usually within 2-3 hours. If walked on early when wet there is no need to be alarmed, as soon as possible wash off the areas that were touched with soap and water.  Please do not water the fertilizer in, it will naturally release from 4-6 weeks due to the moisture in the soil.

Before & After

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✓ Power Raked

✓ Lawn Repair

✓ Weed Spray & Fertilization

✓ Frequent Watering

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